Born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1975, Dirk Verbeuren began his musical training in elementary school with the violin which he played proficiently for seven years. At age 13 his family moved to Paris, France where he studied piano and electric guitar. In 1991, Verbeuren discovered his gift and passion for rhythm on a second-hand drumkit. He immediately began practicing, creating and performing with other musicians.


Verbeuren relocated to Nancy, France in 1993 to study at the Music Academy International. Following his graduation, the school promptly hired him as a drum professor. He co-founded futuristic death metal outfit Scarve, releasing four albums and touring throughout Europe.


In 2005, Verbeuren permanently joined Swedish metal act Soilwork, touring worldwide and recording five full-length albums and a live BluRay. His fine-tuned ear, impeccable musical memory, sensitivity to structure and ability to read and write rhythm made Verbeuren a highly demanded session drummer overnight, recording and performed with a multitude of artists including Devin Townsend, Glenn Danzig, Fredrik Thordendal, Satyricon, Jeff Loomis and Warrel Dane.


A long-term collaboration with Swedish software company Toontrack resulted in 2010’s Library of the Extreme, the first ever MIDI collection of metal beats and fills which quickly became a smash hit among composers and musicians alike. Verbeuren toured Europe and China performing drum clinics for Tama Drums, Meinl Cymbals and Toontrack, including performances with Pete Lockett (Björk, Peter Gabriel), David “Fingers” Haynes (Chaka Khan, Prince) and Richard Devine. Launching grindcore band Bent Sea in 2011, Verbeuren took on multiple instruments as well as the roles of composer and lyricist alongside Napalm Death’s Shane Embury and Aborted’s Sven de Caluwé.


In May 2016, Verbeuren was asked to take the drum throne for Megadeth, the legendary Bay Area thrash metal band and member of the infamous “Big Four” while drummer Chris Adler was touring with his main act Lamb of God. A few months later, band leader Dave Mustaine officially announced Dirk Verbeuren as the new permanent drummer of Megadeth.


Profiling himself as one of the pioneers in modern drum recording techniques, Verbeuren runs his own high-tech facility, Die Crawling Studio, incorporating the most up-to-date innovations developed by Roland and Toontrack. He offers a variety of drum lessons- including the subscriber-based Dirk Blasts- sharing techniques, exercises and career advice to a growing community of students.




A/B MEB2218ZB . . 22”x18” Kick Drums
C LBZ1455DV . . . . 14”x 5½” SLP DB Snare
D MET1009ZB . . . . 10”x9” Rack Tom 1
E MET1210ZB . . . . 12”x10” Rack Tom 2
F MET1311ZB . . . . 13”x11” Rack Tom 3
G MEF1616ZB . . . . 16”x16” Floor Tom 3
H MEF1816ZB . . . . 18”x16” Floor Tom 4
Hardware: TAMA
HP910LS . . . . 2 x Speed Cobra 910 Pedal
HH915N . . . . . Speed Cobra Hi-Hat Stand
PMD1100M . . Power Tower Rack
HS100W . . . . . Star Snare Stand
HT741B . . . . . 1st Chair Ergo Rider
216B-DV . . . . . Signature Sticks
TDG10L . . . . . Drummer’s Gloves
Cymbals: MEINL
1 B14MH-B . . . . . Byzance Brilliant Med Hi-Hat 14″
2 CC18DACH . . . . Classics Custom Dark China 18”
3 B17MTC-B . . . . Byzance Brilliant Med Thin Crash 17”
4 B18MC-B . . . . . Byzance Brilliant Med Crash 18”
5 B19MTC-B . . . . Byzance Brilliant Med Thin Crash 19”
6 B20MC-B . . . . . Byzance Brilliant Med Crash 20”
7 B18HHCH-B . . Byzance Brilliant HH China 18”
8 B22HHR-B . . . . Byzance Brilliant HH Ride 22”
9 CC15DAH . . . . . Classics Custom Dark Hi-Hat 15”
Other gear:
EVANS Level 360 Drumheads
JH AUDIO Roxanne In-Ear Monitors
ROLAND RT30-K Kick Triggers & TM-2 Module (for IEMs)
TOONTRACK Superior Drummer Audio Software
PRO-MARK Stick Rapp


Dirk Verbeuren proudly uses and highly recommends: