BENT SEA – Noistalgia – digital 12 song EP

Dirk Verbeuren: guitar/drums
Sven de Caluwé: vocals
Devin Townsend: bass/production

“Rousing, ripping, aptly titled” -Decibel Magazine
“Grindcore done right” -Blistering.com

On an angst-driven evening in January 2011, multi-instrumentalist Dirk Verbeuren carved grindcore act Bent Sea out of his disemboweling passion for the noise that permeated the air of his teenage years. Equipped with an arsenal of furious beats and ferocious riffage, Verbeuren created an assaulting army of tracks, enlisting his Aborted bandmate and fellow Belgian Sven de Caluwé to call the formations. On their self-released 2011 debut EP Noistalgia, the pair were joined by none other than Devin Townsend on bass and production duties. Following a cassette release of Noistalgia via Tankcrimes Records, legendary Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury stepped in to replace Townsend. In July 2013, the trio went on to release a free digital split single with Swedish death metallers Torture Division. Eight new tracks saw the light of day in January 2014 on a split with Swedish death/crust band Usurpress, released on CD by Selfmadegod Records and as a 10″ vinyl by Doomentia Records.

Inspired by the founding fathers of grindcore and noise, such as Napalm Death, Repulsion and Terrorizer, Bent Sea is also a tribute to today’s vibrant scene and countless amazing bands that push the envelope and/or keep the tradition alive. The works of Godflesh, Black Lung, Scorn, Endvra and other non-grindcore acts being a definite source of inspiration as well. Lyrically, Bent Sea addresses human and social issues, although it must be said that the music precedes the message. “We’re not here to preach”, says Verbeuren, “but we’re certainly not afraid of our opinions”.

1. Noistalgia
2. Digital Disaster
3. Blast Beat Barrage
4. A Common Affliction
5. In One Word
6. Grind Control
7. Tripwire Target
8. Sustained Idiocy
9. Dead Meat (featuring Sylvain Coudret)
10. Truth Will Out
11. Fool For Life
12. Bullshit Propaganda (Extreme Noise Terror cover)