Premium Drum Lessons

Here’s wishing you a warm welcome to my brand spankin’ new website, folks!
This page is also the beginning of an exciting new adventure for me… I proudly present to you: DIRK BLASTS!
In these Premium Drum Lessons, I will share all of the knowledge I’ve acquired in my twenty years as a professional to help you,
my fellow drum fanatics, become the very best drummers you can be.
See the trailer below and place your preorder to join our community and enjoy a special sale price. You will get at least 24 lessons
for a year starting this July, and each lesson will cost you only $2.50! This is a limited time offer, so sign up now!

I’d like to extend my gratitude to Stathis at AmazeMe Design and my beautiful wife Hannah Verbeuren for putting this site together,
as well as to my blasting brother, George Kollias!


  1. ryan

    Hello Dirk, I’m reaching out of bounds here so I apologize but I have a track that needs a great drummer desperately, would you write and record drums for a fee?

    This is my song I can send a track without drums, I just feel these fake drums are no good and I am searching for someone to help me out. Thanks for your time, hope i’m not wasting it. 🙂

    • Hey Ryan, thanks for sharing your music man! Sounds great!! I’m gonna send you an email with my conditions for recording drums, it will go out in a few minutes. Let me know should you not receive it, since my email server is new (with the new website) and I’m still in the process of configuring it.
      Cheers and all my best! Dirk

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