New music!

Here’s a rundown of the latest records I played drums on!

The brand new SOILWORK EP Beyond The Infinite was released in Asia only, but keep reading. It contains five unreleased songs from The Living Infinite sessions, including the first tune I ever penned for the band, called “These Absent Eyes”! Check out a trailer below and safely order the EP here, even if you don’t live in Asia!

Did you guys like the new Faith No More single? I’m super stoked to play with FNM bassist Billy Gould in a new band called TRONOS, founded by Shane Embury of Napalm Death and their longtime producer Russ Russell. Tronos’ music is atmospheric and crushingly heavy! Troy Sanders of Mastodon plays bass on a few tracks, with more guest musicians to be announced. The album should be out next year.


Ten years ago, musical genius Christopher Georges and I worked together on the highly underrated Eostenem album I Scream You Suffer They Die, and now we’re back with RAIDE MORT! Our first EP A Terrible Mass Of Living Corruption contains two fast, dark, intense and mesmerizing metal tunes. And it’s available FOR FREE on Bandcamp and Soundcloud!

Sweden’s infamous Lord K- he of Torture Division– has spent the past two years crafting an absolute masterpiece. Folks, the newest album by THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX is absolutely monumental! Featuring the amazing Jörgen Sandström (formerly of Grave and Entombed) on vocals, as well as a plethora of no-less-amazing guest musicians, this Dan Swanö produced 80-minute behemoth will be made available on December 25th, 2014 only to those who preorder it! This is a record you do not want to miss, so get it now before it’s too late!


Another death metal beast is coming your way courtesy of Canada’s ARBITRATOR. The band’s debut album Indoctrination Of Sacrilege is slated for release in the coming months, and to get your mouths watering, the good folks at Toontrack offer you this drum playthrough of the song “For That Which May Appease Lions”. I played this using Toontrack’s brand new EZdrummer2, as well as the Made Of Metal EZX by production overlord Colin Richardson!

Japanese power metal maestros AREA 51 just released their newest opus Judge The Joker: ten epic songs featuring Mike LePond of Symphony X on bass and Matt Guillory of James LaBrie on keyboards, as well as yours truly on drums. Check out the trailer below. Order links are in the description!

There’s much more to come, including new music from my own BENT SEA, so keep checking back folks!


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