2013’s Last Blast

Another intense year is coming to a close, which means it’s time for a new Die Crawling Studio promo reel! Check out my latest recordings and remember: I’m always looking for new exciting projects to work on. If you’re looking for top notch drums, simply click Book Session Work and you will receive all details shortly.


It’s a fact: Toontrack makes the very best drum software and samples. I’m proud to be featured in two of their newest releases. Metal Beats was conceived it as a companion piece to my own Library Of The Extreme series. With over 1,000 modern metal beats and fills, it’s sure to add that sexy groove to your hymns of death!
I also tracked tons of custom MIDI for Metal! EZX which contains 9 brand new drumkits by Daniel Bergstrand, Jason Suecof and Mark Lewis. Indispensable indeed.
Coming out this month is a recording I’m particularly stoked about: my grindcore band Bent Sea‘s split release with Usurpress. Besides yours truly, Bent Sea features Shane Embury of Napalm Death and Sven de Caluw√© of Aborted. Believe it or not folks, this new recording was made almost entirely using Toontrack software! You can check out our brand new track “Fashion Victims” below. Get the split on CD from Selfmadegod Records or on 10″ vinyl from Doomentia. We also have limited copies available, including a rare t-shirt unavailable elsewhere. Get yours at hannahvphotography.bigcartel.com



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